Fotoviaggio in India del Sud : Kerala e Tamil Nadu

Fotoviaggio in India del Sud con l'associazione Monica De Carlo


  1. Hi, Katia!

    I thoroughly enjoyed this collection of photos taken when you visited South India. My first thought was "so many people!" The detailed, intricate architecture amazes me and I would love to be there to see it up close. The pictures of you smiling and looking relaxed and happy are a pleasure to behold. The second one of you, the larger, is suitable for framing. Thank you very much for taking me along with you on this pictorial trip to South India. Have a wonderful weekend, dear friend Katia!

    1. Yes Tom is a lot of people, really! It has been a wonderful trip also because I went with a benefit association, I hope to come back to India one day. Have a nice weekend in Florida!


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